Former Oklahoma Sooners running back Brennan Clay has filed for divorce from wife Gina D’Agostini after she allegedly had an affair with Dallas Cowboys star DeMarco Murray, according to a report. Clay and Murray were former college teammates.

Clay found more than 50 “inappropriate” text messages between Murray and D’Agostino on one of his wife’s old cellphones, he told TMZ Sports. In addition, he discovered explicit pictures that Murray and D’Agostini exchanged. The messages “made me disgusted,” Clay said.

Murray was a senior at Oklahoma in 2010 when Clay was a freshman. Murray was “the person who I looked up to the most as a running back and as a friend,” Clay added.

Clay tweeted about his wife’s alleged affair with Murray on Sunday. “So Demarco Murray was having an affair with my wife ..I’m done ,” he wrote in a tweet that was retweeted over 17,000 times. “I’m disgusted,” he added. Clay and D’Agostini have reportedly been married for four months.

Later, Clay defended himself against social media users who were critical of his decision to address the alleged affair in public. “People givin me ish [sic] for putting it out there ..if you could read these messages ..YOU would too ..I wanted the truth out there,” he wrote.

D’Agostini deleted her Twitter account shortly after Clay made his accusation on Twitter, the New York Post reports. By Monday, the account was active, but all photos were deleted. A photo of D'Agostini with Clay and Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is still available on Clay's Instagram account.

Murray has yet to personally respond to Brennan's allegations. "DeMarco is focused on the Bears," a Murray representative said, citing the Cowboys' Week 14 opponent.

Through the first 13 weeks of the 2014 NFL season, Murray leads all players with 1,427 rushing yards. He is tied for second in the league with eight rushing touchdowns.