After sparking a debate across her country, a German model has been convicted of making false rape allegations against two men. Gina-Lisa Lohfink was fined $22,600 by a court in Berlin after being found guilty, according to BBC. The trial dates back to 2012 when a tape surfaced of Lohfink having sex with two men saying “No.”

Although she insists the sex wasn’t consensual, the men were eventually cleared of rape and she was then accused of false testimony. The rape case garnered so much attention that back Germany last month passed a law clarifying that "no means no" even if the victim did not fight back. Prior to that, German law required that victims show they physically resisted the attack before charges of rape and other sexual assaults could be pressed, according to the Toronto Sun.

The prosecutor on the case, Corinna Goegge, insisted that Lohfink was lying about the rape and is not a victim of a sexual assault. Following the verdict, the model cried, spoke her thoughts and stormed out of the courtroom. She told the court, "I don't need to put myself through this."

Lohfink’s defense lawyer argued that her client is a victim and is worried about how the result of this case will affect rape victims who want to report an attack. One of the men involved with the case pleaded guilty to distributing the video showing the sex act.

Lohfink, who is a former competitor on reality television show “Germany's Next Top Model,” regularly gave interviews to the German media during the case and said she could have possibly been drugged prior to the attack. However, a court found no evidence to support her claims.

The model’s lawyer believes that the verdict is “a scandal” and will ask her client if she has the strength to follow through with an appeal.