The former president of the global soccer organization has died at the age of 100 years old. Born May 8, 1916, João Havelange died Tuesday in the Samaritano Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, according to BBC. Stepping down as FIFA's honorary president in April 2013, Havelange left a legacy of accomplishments and controversy.

Here are five things to know about Havelange's life.

1. João Havelange Was an Olympian.

Back in 1936, Havelange represented Brazil in swimming — that same year he became a lawyer — prior to his election to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He went on to represent his country on the water polo team in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games and was chef de mission for Brazil at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. His death happens to coincide with the 2016 summer Olympic Games, which are taking place in Rio de Janeiro and being held in the stadium of his namesake.

2. Havelange Knew When it Was Time for Him to Resign.                        

In 2013, he resigned as FIFA's honorary president following a bribery investigation. The FIFA ethics court determined that he had been “morally and ethically reproachable,” according to the Guardian. Rather than being punished he resigned from the position.

In 2011, he also resigned as a member of the IOC just days before he was expected to be suspended on claims he took a $1 million kickback.

3. Havelange expanded the World Cup.

As FIFA president, Havelange was able to lead the World Cup’s expansion from 16 to 32 teams, making it one of the sport’s most important events. He also managed to organize six World Cups, secure broadcast deals and create the Women’s World Cup.

4. Despite the Controversy, FIFA Officials Saw Havelange as a Good Leader.

Havelange was re-elected president of FIFA six times. Under his leadership, FIFA's membership grew by nearly one third to more than 200 nations and territories.

5. Havelange Has Made FIFA History.

Havelange was the first non-European to serve as president of FIFA and was the longest serving leader. He resigned from the position at 82 years old.

João Havelange leaves behind a daughter, Lúcia Havelange.