The mystery man spotted with Scarlett Johansson in New York has been revealed: ScarJo's new(ish) love is Nate Naylor, a 38-year-old advertising art director who reportedly keeps to himself but appears to have a thing for photographs of partially nude women  -- tasteful, arty nudes, of course.

Johansson and Naylor had reportedly been dating for six whole months before allowing themselves to be photographed together in New York City last week. They were introduced by mutual friends, and according to the New York Post, have tried to keep their romance low-key.

If they are indeed six months into to their romance, that means they would have hooked up very shortly after ScarJo and Sean Penn ended their rebound romance in June.  Johansson and Penn began dating not long after she and husband Ryan Reynolds split in 2010. Is this woman afraid to be alone, or what?

That said, it's clear why she finds Naylor attractive. But before you conclude this conventionally handsome ad pro is a buttoned-up fuddy duddy, check out his uber edgy website, complete with blood splatter graphics and a thoroughly modern resume display.  And lots and lots of photos of pretty girls with little or no clothes on.

Naylor reportedly dated Third Rock from the Sun actress Kristen Johnson -- the one who played the party girl who fell to her death on Sex and the City -- but there is very little information available on that alleged romance. We will be digging.

Stay tuned!