Authorities have identified the woman who jumped from a Beverly Hills high-rise last week.

According to KCBS-TV, Sandra D’Auriol, 53, jumped from the Camden Medical Arts building at around 7 a.m. on Jan. 22 after undergoing a facelift the day before. Police attempted to talk her down from the building’s ledge for close to three hours, say authorities and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

The wife of a well-known artist, D’Auriol was a mother and jewelry designer. She lived in Hong Kong with her spouse and was praised for her charity work.

D’Auriol traveled to the Camden Medical Arts building on Jan. 21, where  facelift was performed by Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Novack, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After being held for observation overnight, D’Auriol reportedly woke up in an “agitated and aggressive” state. It is believed that she may have had a reaction to her anesthesia.

D’Auriol then made her way to the top of the 15-story building, frightening onlookers who alerted police that there was a naked woman standing on the building’s ledge. After hours of attempting to talk D’Auriol down, she jumped from the building. D’Auriol was declared dead at Cedars-Sinai Hospital

A KCBS-TV reporter reached out to Novack, with the station sharing the following regarding the station’s attempts to contact the doctor:

CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Suraya Fadel has made several attempts to contact Novack. The after-hours number at his office directed Fadel to an after-hours email that yielded responses from two different former employees, who say they recently resigned from the doctor’s office but didn’t explain why. An after-hours cell phone number responded with a text message: “I have his phone [sic] Whom may I ask who’s calling?” Fadel replied and there was no response.

Police say the case is still under investigation.