Two U.S. Army soldiers have been remanded to pre-trial confinement following charges of premeditated murder, kidnapping and conspiracy of a soldier at Fort Campbell, which sits on the border on Kentucky and Tennessee. Private First Class Shadow McClaine, also known as Branice Willis, was reported missing in early September after she stopped contacting family members, local news station WSMV-TV reported Tuesday.

McClaine’s ex-husband Sgt. Jamal Williams-McCray and his associate, Specialist Charles Robinson, who were both a part of 101st Airborne Division, were initially detained in October as persons of interest in the 25-year-old woman’s disappearance but were officially charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice on Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported.

McClaine was last known to be alive on Sept. 2, when she told her mother she would be house sitting for a friend. The two spoke through text messaging later that evening. However, when McClaine failed to respond to texts and calls from friends and family, the authorities were contacted. She did not return to her position as an air traffic controller at Fort Campbell, either, the Army also said. The following week her vehicle was located in a downtown Nashville parking lot.

At the time of her disappearance, McClaine faced charges of contempt of court and stalking in relation to her divorce. "She's not totally innocent in all this, but it is not all her either," McClaine’s mother London Wegrzyn told Dateline in September. "And she's been trying to clean herself from it. The people posting don't have all the facts, and are trying to paint my daughter as a villain."

After joining the Army in 2011, McClaine served in South Korea and Afghanistan. She was scheduled to be discharged on Oct. 11 and planned to return to her home in California where she wanted to attend school and explore photography. It was not immediately clear if McClaine’s body has been found.