Mafia is a criminal organization that develops its activity throughout illegal procedures, and with this worst economic crisis since the great depression it comes to our mind that maybe these criminal networks might have suffered since people lost their jobs and money evaporated in thin air, surprisingly the reality turned out to be different...

With recession worsening as many lost their jobs and lost their businesses and profits since consumption has shrank considerably we could be drove to the idea that even the Italian mafia which survives from illegal activities like drugs, arms and human trafficking as well as extortion and loan sharking, could be affected in some way.

However the reality shows us that instead of loosing money these criminal groups are flourishing, and threatening of becoming more dangerous than before as they seized the opportunity since liquidity no longer existed in the markets therefore with their big financial resources they started buying portions in the economy that could turn their activities into a more legal one.

The turnover of the Italian mafia is thought to have reached to a massive 130 billion euros last year where profits reached to 70 billion euros, therefore they possess the liquidity to invest especially that now prices of real estates, commodities and various businesses are at low levels making them more attractive than before, but no one is buying now since there is no liquidity in the markets and banks still refrain from lending.

And so with many businesses struggling to survive in these difficult times those criminal organizations which hold massive amounts of money, seized the opportunity of the vulnerable economy and struggling businesses as they started purchasing stations, supermarkets, restaurants, real estates, construction and lending money to those who desperately need it and cant obtain it from banks.

This economic crisis seemed to be a great chance for those groups who were given now the chance to grab on legal businesses giving them the opportunity to grow and be more rooted in the economy which could give them more power and make them more dangerous than before!!!