Tiarra Becca has no problem flaunting her love for the camera, but isn’t ready to reveal who the mystery man is. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” newbie has been making headlines recently after dropping two bombshells: she’s pregnant again and secretly got married.

Even though Tiarra (who also goes by the name Tia Becca) has been sharing her personal life with fans on the VH1 reality show, she seems less than eager to give up details about her husband. However, she has been teasing fans by sharing Instagram photos of her seemingly snuggling with him. In one photo posted Saturday, Tiarra is seen using one of the Snapchat filters as a man stands behind her with his arm around her shoulders. Part of the guy’s face is hidden behind Tiarra’s head. In another picture from Saturday, she’s seen licking the man’s cheek, but his face is covered with a black circle.


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A photo posted by Tia Becca (@tia_becca_) on


Tiarra first teased a photo of him last week when she shared an image of her standing in front of a guy who had a red heart emoji placed over his face. “H A P P I N E S S We laugh together, get that [money] together, ride together… We heard about the insults but we’re too rich and happy to care. BABY, oh BABY,” she captioned the intimate picture.

In an interview with Ken Butler World last month, Tiarra opened up about her marriage saying that she recently tied the knot with a man named Brian. She also denied that her relationship with her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star J Nicks was anything more than just friends. “[J Nicks] is actually a friend I’ve had for year, but I could never date him, or sleep with him, or do anything like that,” she said. “And he is a good friend … But nobody on that show can compare to my husband.”

Tiarra revealed during the Season 5 finale of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” that she was pregnant with her fifth child. She didn’t reveal who the father of her baby is, but told VH1.com that he was hoping she was pregnant with a baby girl. “He wants to name her Brya Denver Shaw,” she said, adding that her due date is in January.