The United States, the world’s leading democracy has never had a woman President. This is somewhat surprising, given that many other foreign nations have had women heads of state, including Britain, India, Pakistan, Israel and Brazil.

Many people thought Hilary Clinton had a good chance to become the first female president in U.S. history -- an achievement that likely would have granted her immortality. However, her inability to gain the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 likely doomed her chances for the White House (Barack Obama will run again in 2012, making it almost impossible for Clinton to ever consider running for the top job).

By 2016, Clinton will be 69 years old – not ancient, by presidential standards. In the unlikely event she seeks the nomination again; she has millions of enthusiastic supporters who would probably embrace the idea.

Still, the first woman president may actually come from the Republican Party, where a number of female politicians are raising their profile and might make a run in the next few national elections.
Here are some potential ”candidates” for the role of first US woman president: