With Michael Strahan’s “Live!” exit fresh in the minds of viewers everywhere, rumors are swirling about who may be stepping up to the plate as his replacement. Many have speculated that “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen, of Bravo fame, may be filling the former footballer’s shoes — but it seems there’s no truth to those claims.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Cohen assured fans that he had not been tapped as the next “Live!” co-star. He told the publication that he was exhausted from talking about it and would not be discussing it much further. With his own daily late night talk show, his Sirus XM radio show, and the many other duties he’s expected to perform, Cohen said he simply couldn’t fit “Live!” into his schedule.

“I’ve kind of said everything I had to say about it,” he told Us. “I have 10 jobs!”

In addition to questions about who will be appearing on “Live!” alongside Ripa, 45, day after day, viewers have been trying to figure out why Strahan would leave the highly successful show after four years. Reports claimed that he and Ripa — who appear to have outstanding chemistry on camera — were not getting along behind the scenes. In fact, one source told TMZ that the former New York Giants player felt his longtime co-star was “bullying” him. Other reports claimed there was a dispute between the pair over Strahan stealing Ripa’s “shine.” There has been no clear confirmation about why the 44-year-old decided to move on from the show.

While it is clear that Cohen won’t be starring on “Live!,” the question remains who will be her new co-star come fall? It has been suggested that a number of men — and women — would be suited for the position. Among those being buzzed about are Neil Patrick Harris, Terry Crews, Anderson Cooper, Jane Lynch and more.

Strahan announced his departure from “Live!” on April 19. According to a report from People magazine, Strahan will appear on the show until May 13. He plans to take the summer off before starting at "Good Morning America" in the fall.