“Live With Kelly and Michael” is going to need a new name. Michael Strahan will leave the show later this year. As previously reported, the former NFL player will join “Good Morning America” full time.

“My time with ‘Live With Kelly and Michael’ has been transformative, and my departure will be bittersweet,” Strahan told the Hollywood Reporter. “Kelly has been an unbelievable partner, and I am so thankful to her and the entire team. I am extremely grateful for the amazing support I've received from all of the fans.”

That means Kelly Ripa will need a new co-host. Here are a few suggestions for TV personalities who could replace Strahan:

1. Neil Patrick Harris — The comedic actor is a great host. He’s funny and has a quick wit. However, Harris might not want to take on hosting full time. After all, a daily show would make his acting career a little difficult to schedule.

2. Terry Crews — The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor and former NFL player is no stranger to hosting. He was the face of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” from 2014-15 and is currently presenting the clip show “World’s Funniest.”

3. Anderson Cooper — Cooper has joined Ripa 10 times since January 2014, so it seems like the show enjoys bringing him back. Could a permanent position be on the way?

4. Josh Groban — The singer had a memorable turn as co-host in October 2014, and he’s been back as a guest several times since. He’s funny, friendly and very entertaining. What more could “Live” ask for?

5. Kevin Frazier — The “Entertainment Tonight” co-host definitely has the interview skills and charm necessary for “Live.”

6. Craig Ferguson — The former “Late Late Show” host could bring the comedy that “Live!” needs to get higher ratings. Plus, he already has plenty of experience interviewing celebrities.

7. Mark Consuelos — Kelly Ripa’s husband occasionally steps in to co-host with his wife. Why not make it a full-time gig?

8. Jane Lynch – OK, it’s highly unlikely that “Live” will mess with their male/female formula, but if they wanted to shake things up, they could try having two women co-hosting. The former “Glee” star is funny, likable and engaging — perfect for a talk show host.

Who do you want to see as the new “Live With Kelly and Michael” co-host? Sound off in the comments section below!