Coach Blake Shelton was proud to say during “The Voice” finale Monday evening that his contestants chose a song that was their “defining moment.” 

The Swon Brothers impressed the judges on the fourth season of the TV singing competition with their cover of “Danny’s Song.” The two brothers sang elegantly while playing their guitars and touching nearly everyone in the audience with their velvet voices. It was no surprise that the crowd gave them a standing ovation with their pitch-perfect rendition.  "I am so in love with you, honey," sang the Swon Brothers, "Tell me everything is gonna be all right."

Usher had to patiently wait for the audience to stop cheering before he could give his critique, though it was really a praise. "It was almost like we disappeared for a moment," Usher said, according to

Adam Levine was also impressed with the brothers. "All of what he said, first of all," he said after Usher. "It continues the legacy of an old song, it was a true classic and you guys should be proud." The Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina track was released in 1971 but seems to be timeless after The Swon Brothers cover.

"It feels like it should be on the radio today," Blake Shelton said, "I'll bet I will be on the drive home and hear that version of Danny's Song on the radio while I drive?" 

Twitter saw similar sentiments, with many taking to the social media site to share their thoughts: