The day after the first Republican debate with all the major candidates present, the big question is this:

Who won the Republican debate? Who were the winners and losers?  Below are thoughts from a few sources.

MSNBC's First Read Poll

Winners: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney

Losers: Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum

IBTimes' John Talty

Winners: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry

Perry came into the debate as a favorite and leaves as a favorite -- a major win in any debate scenario. Perry continued to show off charisma and strong viewpoints, but also had his share of missteps in his first presidential debate.

Losers: Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman

This debate showed yet again that Huntsman isn't as right wing or appealing to Tea Party supporters like Perry, nor does he have the established name recognition like Romney.

The LA Times' Opinion Staff

Winner: Mitt Romney

Looked and sounded presidential. Cited his 59-point economic plan about 59 times.

Loser: Michele Bachmann

Next to Perry and Romney, looked and sounded like last month's flavor.

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen

Winner: Mitt Romney

He looked and sounded presidential, and he showed once again that he will not, as have great statesmen before him, let fidelity to the truth stand between him and political opportunism.

Loser: Rick Perry

He appeared stolid and thick and as nimble as molasses. ... He once again belittled the scientific consensus on global warming, not supporting his argument, but just repeating it over and over again in a schoolyard manner -- na-nanny-boo-boo.'s Richard A. Viguerie

Winner: Rick Perry

To win the debate, one of the other GOP contenders had to meet those two tests -- be seen as a conservative and show he or she can beat Obama. ... None of the other candidates scaled that tall mountain and knocked Perry out of the front-runner's role.