Justin Bieber caught everyone’s attention with his new music video, but it was the model in his arms that stole the show. Xenia Deli played the Canadian’s love interest in the “What Do You Mean?” video, which premiered on Sunday night after Bieber’s performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. However, Deli was already attracting attention from the singer’s fans after the model was recently spotted getting cozy with Bieber on what appeared to be a date, the Daily Mail reports. So what should fans know about the Bieb’s onscreen and (possibly off-screen) love interest?

1. Lingerie Model – The Moldavian model had to strip down to her underwear for Bieber’s sexy music video, but working in lingerie is pretty familiar for Deli. She was a model for Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line.

2. Bieber’s Inspiration – Deli is rumored to be Bieber’s new girlfriend, but they haven’t confirmed the reports. However, the singer did say that she inspires him. “She is so beautiful, but she's also such a sweetheart,” Bieber told “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Aug. 28. “Like she's easy to be around and stuff. Do you see how I can't put this [photo of her] down right now? This is inspiration right here.”

3. Internet Hate – Making out with Bieber may have introduced Deli to some Internet bullies. She recently hinted that some of Bieber’s fans aren’t cool with her acting as his love interest. “I have never experienced so much hate doing my job,” Deli wrote on Instagram. “But I still love what I do. [Emojis] and I want to thank everyone who supported me during this time.”

4. Music Video Vixen – “What Do You Mean?” wasn’t Deli’s first time in a music video. She has been the featured model in several videos for international artists like Russian vocalist Nikolay Baskov’s “Zaya, I Love You” and Moldavian singer Ionel Istrati’s “Wake Me Up.” Watch her performance in Istrati’s video below: