A Florida mother was arrested on Jan. 29 for admitting to authorities she traveled over 1,300 miles to New York City to pimp her daughter out during Super Bowl week.

Court documents reveal that Yolanda Ostoloza, 39, of Hollywood, Fla., told detectives she came to Manhattan to work with a pimp, reports the New York Daily News.

“We came up here to work and make money with a pimp,” a criminal complaint says she told cops. “I knew it was for escorting and prostitution.” She added that she "thought my daughter was just going to do the fetish stuff.”

The New York Daily News details how authorities caught Ostoloza:

Bronx vice detectives, pretending to be johns trolling for sex online, agreed to meet the teen at the New York Hilton in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday just after midnight, sources said. The cops struck up a deal to pay the girl $200 for an undisclosed sex act.

Just before they were about to slap the cuffs on her, the girl announced that she was just 15. And, she told detectives her mother was waiting for her at another hotel.

Officers then went to the Double Tree Metropolitan, where they found and arrested Ostoloza. She was charged with two misdemeanors -- promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child. A friend of Ostoloza, 23-year-old Tara Todd -- was also taken into custody. But according to court officials, she is not being charged.

As of Thursday, Ostoloza was being held on $2,000 bail at Rikers Island. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Monday. Her daughter was handed over to the city’s Administration of Children’s Services.