Insomniacs and comedy fans alike will rejoice at the news that the U.S. version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” will return to television with its original cast mostly intact.

The improvisational comedy show was first broadcast in the U.K. from 1988 to 1998. It made its debut in the U.S. on ABC the latter year. The show ended in 2006, but quickly gained a new audience on late-night TV with fans who enjoyed the goofball comedic stylings of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and a series of rotating guests.

It was hosted by Drew Carey, who would press the audience for scenarios for the improve players to act out. Carey, who is currently the host of “The Price Is Right,” will not be returning to the show, set to air on the CW network.

A tweet by Mochrie sent Twitter into a frenzy Friday: "Oh, by the way, Whose Line is coming back. More details later."

Netizens' happiness only multiplied with the news that Aisha Tyler, a stand-up veteran and cast member of FX’s animated comedy “Archer,” will assume hosting duties, as she tweeted: "Whew! It's finally official. 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' Being Revived by The CW via @THR."

The premiere date of the series will be announced later, but viewers can certainly expect the same format used in previous incarnations. Each week, Tyler, Brady, Mochrie, and Stiles will be joined by a different guest comedian.

Hopefully, the new version of the show will encompass the return of “Scenes From A Hat,” a game based on audience suggestions. A compilation of some of the most popular bits is available below.