Soon after his failed May 21st ‘Doomsday’ prediciton, Harold Camping set the new ‘Doomsday’ date for physical destruction on earth for October 21, 2011.

He was unashamed and unrepentant.  His emphasis was on what he supposedly did get right – that the date was on May 21st and that judgment did happen.  His only mistake, he said, was thinking the judgment was physical when in fact it was spiritual.

The October 21, 2011 date, which he previously set as the final date of destruction for the earth, still stands; it will just also include the physical judgment of the world.

For October 21, though, there will be no ‘Doomsday’ campaign, said Camping.

No more tracts, no more billboards, and no more caravans. His Family Radio programs will go on as usual, but it’ll now only feature regular programming for the edification of God’s believers.

Camping believes judgment is done and salvation is over.  Therefore, there is no longer the need to warn the world anymore. 

He said in 1988, salvation was taken away from the world and church.  In 1994, it returned to the world (but not the church).  In May 21st, 2011, it was taken away from the world again. 

Then, from May 21st to October 21st, there will be no additional salvation, according to Camping.

Camping wasn’t just a Christian who held mainstream views but just had a radical interpretation of eschatology.

Instead, his views were vastly different from mainstream Christianity and directly attacked local churches by claiming that churches are ruled by the Devil and salvation cannot happen there.