Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D is officially over Jeffree Star. The makeup artist apparently did something so foul Von D doesn’t want to associate with him any longer. She’s even removing the shade “Jeffree” from her makeup line, which is also called “Kat Von D.”

Von D, 34, shocked fans with her post early Tuesday morning. She shared a picture of Star with a crossed out circle over his face.

“After years of making excuses for, and rationalizing Jeffree's inappropriate behavior (including, promoting drug use, racism, and bullying) I can no longer hold my tongue after recent events. I know that over the years, many of you were introduced to Jeffree through me, and regardless if you chose to continue to follow him or not, I just would like to disassociate myself from him and his brand from this point on. I plan on posting a video explanation as to why I felt compelled to make such a statement. But for the time being, I simply want to apologize to anybody and everybody who has ever had to deal with any of his negativity. And yes, with a heavy heart, I will be pulling the shade "Jeffree" from my collection. Sending extra love to everyone out there.”


Te voy a destruir. collared dress: @deandri suspender: @agashibychristinao lipstick: @katvondbeauty

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The post was liked more than 60,000 times by her 4.5 million followers. Star, 30, promptly took to Twitter Tuesday, issuing a rebuttal. 

“Someone I haven't seen in over a year, wants to make a post about me. I'm yawning right now..... Everyone wants to read drama and be a part of something negative. Kat and I texted a few days ago after 6 MONTHS of silence. She never supported me or my brand and got distant when I launched mine. She accused me of something that wasn't true, so I told her to f--- off and then blocked her number. Not that juicy of a story, sorry. This whole situation is sad and gross. I don't need to clap back or make a video about someone's post. It's getting trite. Instead of feeding into negativity and internet fights, I'm going back to the real world and off to enjoy the rest of my day <3”

Von D did not say when she was going to release the video with a further explanation of what happened between her and her new foe. 

Star, whose real name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, is an androgynous makeup artist who started out as a singer. He first garnered fame on MySpace where he had more than 25 million plays on his original music. He has a fashion line, Beauty Forever, and a make-up line, which is called “Jeffree Star Cosmetics.”


The feud took over Twitter, with “Jeffree” being a top-trending Twitter topic Tuesday. While some fans were excited about the former friends feuding, others were upset to see their relationship dissolve. 

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