“Are You the One?” confirmed the first perfect match of Season 4 during last week’s installment but viewers will have to wait longer than usual to find out which couple will be next to visit the truth booth. Monday’s episode has been delayed by MTV.

Season 4, episode 4, “Three’s A Crowd,” will not air on July 4. While there isn’t an official statement from MTV regarding the episode’s rescheduling, it’s common for networks to push off new episodes for a holiday. Fans of the experimental dating show can now enjoy their Fourth of July festivities without worrying about missing out on the drama. Viewers catch up with the cast when episode 4 airs on Monday, July 11, at 10 p.m. EDT.

When the series does return, expect some major drama. Despite hitting it off in the premiere and talking marriage in episode 2, Gio and Kaylen will hit a bump in their romance in the forthcoming installment. A sneak peek of episode 4 shows Gio flirting with Julia and calling her “sexy” to the cameras as Kaylen watches from a distance. A second sneak peek shows Gio’s failed attempt to fix his problems with Kaylen.

“I just feel like you’re f---ing me for yourself, not to please me,” Kaylen complains to Gio after the two hookup in the boom boom room. Kaylen then admits to the cameras that her guard is up and she’s mistaken lust for love in the past. Meanwhile, Gio hints it may be too late to save their relationship.

“Some things you f--- up and you can’t fix it,” he says. “I don’t know if she realizes that.”

The remainder of episode 4 will see Asaf and Tori’s newfound romance continue to bloom. Will they join Mikala and Cameron in the honeymoon suite? Viewers will have to wait and see!

Catch episode 4 of “Are You the One?” Season 4 Monday, July 11, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.