Gladiators are going to have to wait one more week to find out how Olivia is coping after her deadly meltdown in episode 17 of “Scandal.” The hit ABC series is taking the week off in order to allow “Grey’s Anatomy” to air a special two-hour episode.

ABC’s “Thank God It’s Thursday” lineup will get a little shakeup on April 14. “Grey’s Anatomy” will air its 18th episode of Season 12 at 8 p.m. EDT, followed directly by episode 19 at 9 p.m. EDT. This bumps episode 18 of “Scandal,” which normally holds the Thursday 9 p.m. EDT time slot on the network. The normal “TGIT” schedule will resume at 10 p.m. EDT with an all-new episode of Shonda Rhimes’ latest drama, “The Catch.”

“Scandal” fans might not be happy to take a week off – especially after the events that went down in episode 17. For those that missed it, the White House was faced with a big problem when Abby (Darby Stanchfield) discovered that former Vice President Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney)was selling his story to a news outlet. Andrew talking would expose dirty secrets regarding Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Olivia (Kerry Washington), as well as complicate things for anyone who has ever worked for the president. Olivia and the team tried to pay Andrew off and almost succeeded. But a secret deal between Abby and Andrew almost put Mellie’s run for president in jeopardy. With her candidate’s fate on the line and flashbacks to her kidnapping haunting her the entire episode, Olivia finally snapped and brutally beat Andrew to death. Her parting words to Abby were to warn her not to cross her again.

“Scandal” Season 5, episode 18, titled “Till Death Do Us Part,” will air on ABC Thursday, April 21. The installment will find Olivia struggling with the “aftermath of what she’s done.” But unfortunately that won’t be the only thing on her plate. She’ll finally understand what Jake (Scott Foley) and Rowan (Joe Morton) are planning, and it’ll be up to her to stop them.

Meanwhile, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans have a big night ahead of them. All eyes will be on Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben (Jason George) after the resident conducts a risky operation on a pregnant woman when the hospital goes into lockdown. As Chief of Surgery, Bailey will have to dish out some sort of disciplinary action for her husband.

Grey's Anatomy Ben (Jason George) may find himself in trouble on “Grey’s Anatomy” tonight. Photo: ABC