Shredders are an essential item of stationery for both businesses and homes. These devices are used to safely dispose of sensitive information, helping to prevent breaches in data security which could lead to identity theft and other crimes. Using a shredder in both your personal and professional capacities is therefore extremely important, but why?

The main reason why people use a shredder is to protect themselves from potential crimes by destroying their documents. Correspondence which arrives at our personal or business addresses will contain a number of our personal details, and these details could be used to commit identity fraud. Details, such as our name, address, date of birth and bank details can all be contained in this documentation and could be used to our detriment if in the wrong hands.

Destroying this documentation is therefore the only way to safeguard against it being obtained by the wrong people, and shredders are the main tool used for this. Shredders are used because they offer professional results in a short space of time, making the disposal process much easier for individuals to manage. This is because shredders will cut the paper documents into thin strips of ribbon or confetti pieces, in the case of a cross-cut or a confetti cut shredder, preventing this information from being read.

Within businesses, shredders are perhaps even more important than they are at home offering a safe way in which to dispose of sensitive information. This is especially important as data protection is an essential part of business operations and breaches of it could result in harsh penalties. It is for this reason that most offices and homes will invest in a paper shredder, helping to protect both themselves and others from identity fraud.

In order to make the process of destroying documentation even easier, shredders now come with a range of added features. These will include things such as auto-feed and anti-jam technologies, features which are designed to make shredding less disruptive to our daily routines.

Auto-feed functions prevent the device from being active at all times, reducing its energy consumption and preventing accidents. Jam-free technology is a system designed to prevent the shredder from becoming jammed with documents, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Paper shredders will vary in their size and functions depending on their intended use. Personal or home shredders will typically be smaller in size and have a lower paper-feed capacity. This is because households will produce less paperwork than businesses and therefore have fewer documents which need to be shredded.

Office shredders are available for both small and large offices and are capable of holding much larger quantities of paper. This is true for both the storage capacity (relating to the amount of shredded paper which can be contained in the shredder's bin) and the feed capacity (how many sheets of paper can be put into the shredder in a single load).