Lady Gaga may have worried her fans on Friday when she shared a photo of what appears to be her bare neck being treated for chronic pain. She indicated in her post that she was frustrated because of the chronic pain she was feeling, but that she was still thankful that she has “strong intelligent female doctors” by her side.

Many fans of Mother Monster sent her well-wishes since she uploaded the photo on her Instagram. Many also shared their own stories about experiencing and dealing with bodily pains. These stories may have inspired Lady Gaga to share her secret remedy for her well-being.

In a follow-up post, the “Bad Romance” hitmaker shared a pic of her basking under infrared rays while covered with a space blanket. In the caption for the photo, Gaga revealed that she’s invested in an infrared sauna to get rid of bodily spasms. She also revealed she uses a “very cheap” and “reusable” space blanket when she sits inside her infrared sauna because this helps trap the heat and is effective in detoxifying the body, as well as in helping one lose weight.

Taylor Kinney’s ex also shared that once she’s done with the infrared therapy, she engages in a cold bath or ice bath to prevent more inflammation. Gaga also shared an “environmentally savvy way” of dealing with pain, which is keeping reusable ice cold packs in the freezer and using them in areas where one could feel pain.

In the end, Lady Gaga said that this “personal remedy” helps her do the things she needs to do and the things she loves to do, so she is recommending this to her fans.

Lady Gaga’s posts come a few days before she is scheduled to perform at the American Music Awards 2016 this Sunday, Nov. 20. The 30-year-old entertainer confirmed her appearance on the annual music awards show a week after she released her new album “Joanne” in October, according to Just Jared.