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This is to be expected since hundreds of the people on board were fans of the erudite Carnival ambassador, cruise director John Heald. Heald waxes on daily shipboard life at his blog site. Hence the name Blogger's Cruise.The site has become so popular that he can attract hundreds of people to book a Carnival cruise simply by announcing he will be onboard to host special events and indulge in a great deal of Carnival Fun Ship mayhem, John Heald style.Naturally, when you get a lot of people on board a ship who are there primarily because they love the cruise line you are going to hear their opinions as to why they love it. They are also going to mention anything they don't love about the ship.I have to say, despite the image and rumors about Carnival Cruise Lines people, you will be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated group of cruisers to any one cruise line. The people sailing on this cruise love Carnival, and I will tell you why…Carnival is hands-down the most successful cruise line ever. Over the years the company has made enough money to swallow up much of its competition including Princess, Holland America, Cunard, the Italian cruise line Costa Crociere and the small luxury line Seabourn. Carnival currently has 22 ships in operation with two more, the biggest Carnival ships yet, on the way and already being booked. Add in all the ships of the five other Carnival Corp. (the parent company to Carnival Cruise Lines) cruise lines and you have a total fleet of 85 ships in service today, with more on the way.Carnival Cruise Lines, the Fun Ships, created this cruise empire and made CEO Micky Arison one of the world's 100 richest people. When still only about 17% of the U.S. population has ever even been on a cruise, for Carnival to have that kind of success they must be doing something right, right? Right.What do Carnival cruisers love about Carnival? Based on the comments I heard repeatedly here it is…First of all, Carnival Cruise Lines has surprisingly good food. Food is important to cruisers because its included in the cruise fare. That means that the better it is the more value you are getting for your vacation dollar. Carnival offers delectible appetizers, salads, soups and entrees nightly. You can get a flat iron steak any night of the week - no extra charge. And they aren't skimpy - averaging over 10 ounces, shrimp cocktails with real prawns, not those mealy keyring-sized shrimpy shrimp. Caeser Salad with freshly grated parmesan and crunchy croutons, lobster tail with hot drawn butter. Dessert is Chocolate Melting Cake, so popular over 88,000 portions are served every week on Carnival ships.I have heard seasoned cruise professionals say Carnival has the best food of any cruise line. Syndicated radio food and travel expert, Pierre Wolfe ( says Carnival's alternative dining spots are truly the best anywhere - with food better than cruise lines costing 10 times as much as Carnival cruise.Great food. What else has Carnival got? Carnival has fun. Every night in the Carnival dining rooms the waiters sing and dance for you. They interact and act goofy, but in fact they are smart. One thing I have noticed lately on other cruise lines is waiters who do not speak very good English. I was on Holland America and endured a waiter who had an infuriating habit. He would pretend he heard me when in fact he did not - every time. I ordered an appetizer on an audible. - just deciding I wanted it at the last minute. I asked him for it and he mumbled back to me something that sounded like what I had said - so I nodded my head. That plate never arrived. Neither was their an apology for that because he didn't hear me. This was typical for the cruise.Our waitress on this recent Carnival Blogger's cruise was a true jewel. A delightful young lady from Thailand who was incredibly efficient - never missed a beat, pretty and fully conversant in English. First, lady waitresses are rare on cruise ships, and being a guy I like them. But most important, she was not the exception, Carnival waiters are not just service people, they are a big part of the Carnival experience, they also talk to you, sing and even dance for you, every night. Yes, it is a little corny, but they don't overdo it and even the most curmudgeonly cracks a smile eventually. Most people love the antics. It is emblematic of why carnival is known as the Fun Ships.Carnival room stewards are also equally professional, but not nearly as intrusive. This is how I prefer it. I don't really want my room steward to stick around and ask me a lot of questions like you go to shore today?, you have fun?, you have good time, right?, good, good time. That's just me, a lot of people love interacting with their room stewards, but because I have worked on ships I know these people are very nice and professional, but their lifes are in reality very different from ours and in fact they don't really relate to our feelings as much as one might think. That is not a bad thing - just life in the real world.Still, back to the point, one reason Carnival crew and staff people are exemplary is because Carnival has excellent employee retention. This gives each employee a consistent opportunity to learn and contribute to the Carnival time-proven Fun Ships formula. A proven formula applied consistenly gives Carnival the competitive edge; fun times with great food and service. Also at a great price.