‘It’s like going into a bakery and asking the owner of the business to teach you how to produce good bread. He will never reveal his secrets.’’ — Dr. Emilio Tomasini

‘To me, you know, a trade is something as private as sex.’’ — Dr. Alexander Elder


The 2 quotes above are taken from the full-time traders I respect so much. I’ve learned invaluable lessons from their thoughts. They have good reasons for saying what they say. In my articles, I reveal my trading systems, secrets, sure-fire methods and real trades. I’ve been asked several times whether I’m not worried about revealing my secrets. Many people would just get your secrets free and start selling them to others. If someone knows how to get a secret free of charge and sell it to others, let them continue. They’ll get their rewards. Many would simply take you for granted, benefiting from your research, sleepless nights, sweats, and blood. In this self-centered world, people would show interest in you only when there’s something they can gain or get from you. If there’s nothing to gain from you, they’d disregard you as if you didn’t exist. They’d not even care what becomes of you. Therefore why would you give your secrets free to such people? It’s no wonder that there are certain successful traders who won’t even grant an interview to anybody, let alone revealing their secrets (even for money). They are comfortable with their consistent profits. Some even believe that most advertised trading systems, if not all, are not effective, otherwise the authors wouldn’t be selling them to you.

If you haven’t gotten the real secrets of trading, you could spend the rest of your trading life buying robots after robots, systems after systems, and courses after courses – all to no avail. If there weren’t some generous trading coaches like Dr. Van K. Tharp, plus other great trading magazines, I don’t know what could have become of me. True, their services aren’t totally free, but you get a good quality for your money. Should I listen to those who started trading a few years ago or those who’d been trading before I was born? It all depends on the quality and the results of their products.

But I was able to be what I am today because some offered to help. I know a coach who liked to keep secrets and he taught others thus. He’d never reveal anything to you unless you paid first. Later, he started having obvious problems in trading, and he needed obvious help. Help was around him, but he’d prefer to get it free. If you know how to keep secrets, and know how to get it free or cheap from others – you’re harming yourself. It’s against the laws of the universe. On the other hand, if one dies with one’s secrets, people will continue living their life. If you refuse to help those who need your help, hope and help for those people will arise from another place. Some of them may even stumble upon the secrets themselves. Remember that there’ll be times in your life when you’ll need another persons’ help in one area or the other. You have no monopoly of knowledge

As for me, I’ve benefited from both paid and free services. Not all free services are useless. To a reasonable extent, I’ll therefore, continue to be generous with my stuff. I’ll continue asking for help whenever necessary, and helping others as well. Many traders agree that there are benefits in sharing. It doesn’t matter how many people are making profits from the markets. Let as many people as possible see my live trades and benefit from looking over my shoulders, provided they are disciplined enough to trade just like me. There are more reasons I don’t worry about revealing my trading secrets. Please see the quotes below:

1. ‘Teaching what you’ve learned is a great way of making the knowledge become a part of you.’’ — Dr. Van. K. Tharp.

2. ‘…Calling trades is the reason I got much better and one of the things that have made me profitable. That is the primary reason I call the market. It has forced me to put all my principles in public view. Now if a make a loss, or break my own good rules, I do it in front of an audience. It causes me to mentally improve in dramatic way. Teaching forces me to review my stuff and make it work for me. The teacher teaches himself as well as his pupils.’’ — Larry Levy

3. ‘…I have openly discussed some of my concepts/methods in my presentations and interviews… Many traders wonder why I am not too concerned about revealing all this information. In my view, my trading style is unique and I work quite hard to find better and new methods to trade. I think just revealing my technique does not harm my trading at all, besides, I do have plenty more ideas to share… So if others are willing to learn my methods and implement them to their advantage, I will be honored rather than worried.’’ (Italics mine) — Suri Dudella

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Azeez Mustapha

Forex Signals Strategist, Funds Manager &Coach

Email: amustapha@fxinstructor.com

NB: There is risk of loss in trading, but it is possible to be a successful trader.

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