21-year-old U.S. Open golf champion Jordan Spieth is on fire. Like him, model Kendall Jenner is also on top of her game. A match made in heaven? Caitlyn Jenner thought so, but here’s why Spieth turned down a chance to date Kendall: He already has a girlfriend.

Sportswear brand Under Armour made a big gamble on the unknown golfer in 2013 when it signed him for a sponsorship deal. It turns out that former athlete Caitlyn Jenner spotted Spieth’s outstanding qualities as well. Before making the transition to Caitlyn, Bruce Jenner was known as a very avid golfer.

According to USA Today, Jenner had approached Spieth during a 2013 tournament in Southern California. She struck up a conversation with the young golfer and tried to set him up with her daughter Kendall. This all happened a year before Kendall started making waves in the international fashion scene. However, she was already quite popular, largely due to the family’s reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Unfortunately for Caitlyn and Kendall, Spieth wasn’t keeping up. He had no idea who they were and declined. Apparently, he already had a girlfriend. He is still with his high school sweetheart Annie Verret.     

Spieth won the U.S. Open on Sunday, just one shot ahead of the runnerup. He stayed around the top of the leader board throughout the event and eventually had the win handed to him when Dustin Johnson shot a par in the final hole despite an eagle opportunity.

Coming in the heels of his win at the 2015 Masters in April, Spieth is the youngest golfer to ever win the first two majors of the same calendar year. His girlfriend made her presence felt in Augusta, Georgia, when a photo of her and Spieth went viral after his victory. The couple were locked in a tight embrace.

Spieth is on track to becoming one of the sport’s greatest players if he keeps his momentum going. He should get used to getting his love life dissected by the media. The Daily Mail is already reporting how social media is noting Verret’s absence from the US Open.