Luxury Yachts: Imagine a world surrounded by water, lapped in luxury, and with endless horizons around every corner. Sound good? We think so. Wally and Hermès have teamed up to develop a new type of motor yacht, which is expected to redefine the art of living on the sea.

WHY, Wally Hermès Yachts, is a concept designed to offer unparalleled living space for those who prefer a more nautical way of life. With three levels and 58 meters of livable space, WHY offers ample room for just about anything one could imagine, including a 200-square-meter master suite as well as five opulent guest suites. The common space is anything but common boasting a 30-meter beach, pool, spa, cinema, music room, open-air dining room and even its own helipad.

Lavish as it might be, the WHY will be built to the highest standards of sustainability, offering a new innovative way of moving over water while managing and recycling its sources of energy. And while the WHY remains but a concept, one thing is certain: the future of ocean living is definitely underway.