The series finale of “Community” was a touching farewell letter to fans. In the episode, the sixth year of school ended and the quirky study group parted for the summer. Visibly absent in Season 6, episode 13 was Donald Glover’s character, Troy Barnes. Why didn’t this fan-favorite character make an appearance?

Glover told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that, according to him, Troy was dead. “I think everything should have death clauses in them,” Glover said (via TVLine). “Humans have death clauses. Like, thank God, one day, [Donald] Trump is gonna die. That’s guaranteed. That’s awesome. It’s important that things end. I’m glad things end because it forces things to progress. I get really frustrated in the world because I see a lot of things that could be better but aren’t better because things haven’t died yet,” he said.

In a Season 5 episode titled “Geothermal Escapism,” Troy accepted the challenge of competing on a sailing trip around the world. He said goodbye to his friend at Greendale Community College and left with his childhood idol LeVar Burton. Later, it was learned that LeVar Burton and his companion were taken hostage by a group of pirates. It was the last episode that featured the college student.

Based on Glover’s explanation, it means that Troy died on the boat.

NBC’s dramedy (which later got picked up by Yahoo Screen) “Community” aired its series finale on June 2, 2015. Episode 13, titled “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television,” showed the Greendale students imagining what a hypothetical seventh season would look like while discussing the uncertainty of life.

Reports that a “Community” movie was in the works surfaced when fans campaigned for it on social media sites. However, cast member Joel McHale said that they needed someone to fund the feature film.

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