The Jackass prankster Ryan Dunn was killed early Monday morning in a car crash along with his passenger Zachary Hartwell. Dunn is now deeply mourned over by his friends and families.

However, not all humans wish the deceased to rest in peace it seems.

The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas has threatened to protest any public service held for Dunn.

Highly infamous for its radical stance against homosexuality and protest activities, Westboro Baptist Church said in a statement, WBC will picket any public memorial/funeral held for Dunn, warning all not to make a mock of sin, & to fear & obey God. The headlines of the statement read: Ryan Dunn is in hell!

The Westboro Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church headed by Fred Phelps and consists mostly of members of his large family. Phelps is a disbarred lawyer, and a past civil rights activist in Kansas. The church often picket gay pride gatherings, military funerals, high-profile political gatherings, and even mainstream Christian gatherings and concerts.

The church is built around a core of anti-homosexual theology, represented in the slogan God hates fags.

Phelps has a history of arrests and travel restrictions, as well as a number of lawsuits filed against WBC.

Many Christian churches have publicly separated themselves from the group, which has made national headlines for their controversial protests outside U.S. soldiers' funerals.

Their view of the soldiers' death is a punishment from God for America for its tolerance of homosexuality. God hates America, some protest signs in the past read.

The church is widely described as a hate group and is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center.


WBC's objection to Ryan Dunn was that he was a drab pervert who hawked porn-level filth to get rich from a perverse generation, as reported by TMRzoo. Jackass is known as an American stunt and prank show, featuring people performing various dangerous, crude, ridiculous and self-injuring stunts and pranks. Dunn was famous for his willingness to be harmed for the sake of entertainment and fun. He starred in three TV shows - Jackass, Viva la Bam, and Homewrecker, all of which showcased his penchant for peril.

WBC stated in a comment that Dunn's friends & family lied to him about God and taught him to be a proud sinner. It's too late for him; not too late for the living!

West Chester Police Chief Scott Bohn said Tuesday night his department will be prepared for any potential protest.  We will be prepared to ensure order is maintained, Bohn said.

Bohn said groups have the right to protest in the borough so long as private property is not disturbed, traffic is not blocked and sidewalks are clear. At the same time, Bohn questioned the group's motive. While there is a legal and constitutional right to protest, certainly we all recognize (the threatened protest) is insensitive and the motive is truly to bring attention to themselves, Bohn said. It would appear that the only reason to be in attendance at that particular time and at that particular location would be to draw attention to themselves.

If Westboro Baptism Church had not drawn enough attention to their notorious protests across the nation, they would certainly do this time around.