From an investment standpoint, there are a number of important things going for True 2 Beauty, the fast growing developer of 100% natural male and female sexual enhancement products.

• Wide and expanding market – Most sexual enhancement products are directed at resolving specific problems, and are aimed only at the market associated with those problems. True 2 Beauty, on the other hand, markets products aimed at both men and women, of all age groups, whether or not they exhibit particular sexual health issues. It’s a market that continues to expand as more people seek natural and easy to access over-the-counter solutions.

• Insulation from recession – True 2 Beauty products address a steady and basic human need, one that does not decrease during periods of recession. In addition, their non-prescription products are considerably less expensive than Viagra and other prescription drugs.

• Domestic and international potential – Their market is essentially worldwide, especially considering the lower costs and lack of regulatory concerns involved with True 2 Beauty all-natural products.

• Aggressive growth plans – True 2 Beauty has an aggressive marketing, distribution, and production strategy that it is already in the process of implementing, including a network of over 40,000 outlets, and a production capacity of over 20 million pills monthly. The company is now successfully moving into celebrity endorsements and event sponsorships.

• Good financials – In addition to expanding revenues, the company has strong operating margins, which should only increase as they reduce their unit production costs and increase their direct-to-consumer sales.

• Experienced management team – True 2 Beauty was founded by Alex Hbaiu, a biochemistry scientist with experience at Eli Lilly Research Labs. His research has been featured in hundreds of professional articles.

In short, True 2 Beauty has a hot product, a giant market, and the tools necessary to bring it all together.

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