Apple's support forums are going berserk with complaints of Wi-Fi capabilities of Apple's devices being affected owing to the iOS 5 update. Most of the complainants (although not all) are owners with the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, who are complaining about broken connectivity, weak signal strength, and failure to connect via Wi-Fi. The iPad2 however, hasn't seen any complainants till this news was drafted.

One of the most common grievance is of devices updated to the iOS 5 failing to connect to a WiFi network, often giving an 'unable to connect' message despite the fact that the WiFi network is working fine on other devices. Many users have otherwise complained of their Apple devices taking a very long time to connect in spite of detecting networks. Also once connected, it can take a while to be actually enabled to send and receive data.

Although the issue hasn't received any confirmation from Apple Inc, the social media seems to be flooded with reports of this problem. One user has in fact reported uninstalling iOS 5 and returning to iOS 4.3 in a bid to get his work going temporarily. However, when he later tried re-upgrading to iOS 5, the problem with WiFi connectivity resurfaced.

It's a fact that iOS 5 had problems with battery life as well as the invalid SIM error messages earlier. Although Apple has made an honest effort in doing away with these issues with successive update - iOS 5.0.1; the new found 'Wi-fi connectivity' issue is sure to create more woes for Apple in days to come.

Have you experienced similar problems to the ones mentioned above? Do let us know about it and also we'd like to know what device and which iOS version you have been using.

The original post was published on Simon Blog.