Tired of watching your husband planted into the couch playing video games? Well, why not just auction him off? That's exactly what one woman in Utah did.

Alyse Bradley, the 21-year-old wife of Kyle Bradley, was so fed up with her gamer husband and his obsessive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and neglect to give her attention that she attempted to sell him on Craigslist to the highest bidder.

I didn't see him much at all, Alyse told the Herald Journal of Logan of her 22-year-old Afghanistan veteran who spending most of his day playing MW3 since it went on sale Nov. 8. So one day I told him: 'I am going to post you on Craigslist, you know.'

In a post entitled, One husband to the highest bidder, Bradley offered her husband of two years up for sale due to his excessive game playing.

I am selling my 22 year old husband, she wrote in the post. He Enjoys eating and playing video games all day. Easy to maintain, just feed and water every 3-5 hours. You must have Internet and space for gaming. Got tired of waiting so free to good home. If acceptable replacement is offered will trade.

The ad was all just a joke, and I love my husband and he loves me, Alyse Bradley told ABC News.

According to Alyse Bradley, the ad was just a joke but got a flood of responses, which were mixed.

We didn't think we would get any responses at all, but we've gotten so many, Bradley said. I didn't ever think anyone would reply to this, but it's gotten so much attention, which is kind of cool.

Other responses reportedly included an offer to re-train him, to have a photograph of him first and to switch places with him, as one man said he is house-trained and prefers books. One response even offered a blue bag of Skittles in exchange, Bradley said.

Some responses tried to get Alyse Bradley advice, including to go out more or ways to fix the state of their marriage.

The pair, however, got a laugh out of the joke post and that seemed to do the trick. That, and the fact that Kyle Bradley beat the game within a few days after purchasing it.

I love my wife, Kyle Bradley said. She supported me when I got the game. We stayed until midnight to get the game when it first came out. It's just funny.

Kyle Bradley, who injured his back in Afghanistan, just recently returned home to Utah and uses the Modern Warfare game to stay in touch with his friends in the military.