How do you get someone's attention? Some people prefer the tap-on-the-shoulder approach. Others may whack their targets with a sledgehammer. The disgruntled wife of a gamer in China took a much different approach.

According to Kotaku, a Chinese man whose surname is Zhou, dropped by an Internet cafe to get in some gaming after making a delivery for his logistics business. After playing an MMORPG (we suspect "World of Warcraft" considering the game's popularity in China) for an hour and a half, Zhou noticed that his van was gone. The van was purchased for him by his wife, Xiao Li, in order to help him earn extra income through his business.

What was Zhou's cardinal sin? He carelessly left the van unlocked when he exited the vehicle to get his gaming fix, he later told authorities. His wife walked by the van while he was gaming, noticed that Zhou was nowhere to be found and took off with the van to put a scare into her husband. It's important to note that, according to Xiao Li, Zhou spent every day thinking about and playing video games for hours on end. This wasn't just an occasional indulgence for Zhou.

Once Zhou noticed that the van was gone, he had to break the bad news to his wife. However, he never got a chance to. When Zhou got in touch with Xiao Li to inform her of the incident, she began to yell at him. "What were you thinking leaving the car unlocked? That's so dangerous!" Xiao Li exclaimed.

We can only hope that Zhao has learned a valuable lesson about safeguarding property and being cautious in general. As for Xiao Li's approach, well-played, miss. Well-played.

What do you think of Zhao's wife swiping his car to prove a point about gaming obsessions and carelessness? Sound off in the comments below.