The release date for Nintendo's Wii U isn't expected until sometime in November, but an alleged leak may provide some insight into what the cover art for confirmed games will look like.

On Monday, an accidental update to listings on for three Wii U games revealed allegedly leaked box art, according to Examiner. The listings were for "Assassin's Creed 3," "Just Dance 4" and "Avengers: Battle for Earth." Nintendo has not officially announced a release date for its Wii U console other than "Holiday 2012," but the launch dates for these titles have been uploaded to the Amazon product listings along with the box art.

According to the listings, "Avengers: Battle for Earth" will be available on Nov. 20, "Just Dance 4" will launch on Nov. 15 and "Assassin's Creed 3" will debut on Oct. 30. This is the same day that it will be available for other platforms, but it is somewhat surprising considering the Wii U isn't expected to launch until at least November.

The reported leak indicates that the cases for Wii U games are marked by a branding at the top that features a blue arc with the Wii name in the middle. The "U" in the title is the upper corner of the name, and the aqua-colored banner is outlined with a lime green trim. Games that support online play feature a Nintendo Network icon at the top right of the box, just under the Wii U banner-style arc. This is different from the Wii box art, which was plain white with gray lettering.

It was also recently revealed that BioWare will use the Dark Horse interactive comic guide for its Wii U port of "Mass Effect 3" to guide players through the prequels in the series. This is to compensate for the fact that the first two games in the franchise will not be available for the Wii U. BioWare's Melanie Faulknor told GotGame that players will be able to make choices that will affect gameplay in "Mass Effect 3" to keep the decision-based story consistent. No specific details on how this story branching would work have been revealed at this time.

Game publishers such as Ubisoft have spoken out on the upcoming Nintendo console, but Capcom has been relatively quiet until recently. Senior Vice President Christian Svensson responded to a fan on the Capcom-Unity forum asking about Wii U games from the iconic publisher.

"Some good stuff is coming and I'd love to tell you more ... but for now, I have to keep it a surprise. Sorry," he replied.

The company currently has four games in the works for current generation consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 such as "Resident Evil 6" and "Lost Planet 3." Once the release date is officially revealed for the Wii U, fans are sure to see publishers such as Capcom reveal some announcements.