Wikileaks plans to release classified U.S. diplomatic cables revealing corruption allegations against foreign governments and leaders, says a Reuters report quoting sources.

The whistle-blowing website said in Twitter messages early this week that it would soon release 2.8 million secret papers, not specifying the nature or subject of these documents. This is the third in a sequence after its first release of 77,000 secret papers on the Afghan War in July, folowed by 400,000 Pentagon reports on the Iraq war in October.

To be precise, the report says politicians from Russia, Afghanistan and former Soviet republics will be featured in the leaks, suggesting a major embarrassment to these leaders.

Essentially, the nature of next round of leaks, which everyone is trying to take a shot well in advance, is widening with many nations in the world set to await them. Does it mean, Wikileaks is likely to come under pressure in other nations too?

In another Twiiter message, one reader suggests that the leaks would contain the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) reports, which the Pentagon is not making open despite repeated pleas from the pro-UFO forums.

On its part, WikiLeaks said, The Pentagon is hyperventilating again over fears of being held to account.

However, the US government has reportedly issued fresh warnings about the perceived dangers to its allies and other governments on possible leaks of diplomatic papers.