WikiLoan, operator of a Social Network with a focus on finance, owes its success to the highly-skilled management team that currently leads the company. Having accumulated years of business experience, the powerful duo continues to leverage their resources to further build the company.

Marco Garibaldi – Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Garibaldi has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and manager overseeing the development and growth of innovative emerging companies. Also a computer programmer, he has more than three decades of extensive experience in a variety of sectors including computer programming, the Internet, entertainment and the business advisory industry. He began his career at Burroughs and Sperry, which, in 1986, became Unisys Corp. and later founded a think-tank corporation called InterComm, Inc.

At InterComm, Inc., Mr. Garibaldi took responsibility for introducing a host of essential on-line applications widely used today and familiar to most Internet users. His contributions include the development of the online shopping cart, the online bookstore and the auction server, each of which represents a fundamental component of the current Internet commerce environment. Seeing the underserved need in the micro finance lending industry, Mr. Garibaldi is now dedicating his extensive technical skills and creative ingenuity to establishing WikiLoan, an online peer-to-peer lending community designed to bring lenders and borrowers together to pursue new opportunities.

Edward C. DeFeudis – Founder, President, CFO and Chairman of the Board

Serving as the President and Chairman of the Board of the Company since August 2005, Mr. DeFeudis is mainly responsible for start-up activities from business plan through execution. In addition to his positions at WikiLoan, he is the Manager of Spider Investments, LLC, as well as the President of Lion Equity Holding Corp., which has provided investment banking consulting business services for small and emerging growth companies since 1999. Previously, Mr. DeFeudis served as Financial Advisor for several financial institutions including Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer Securities from 1996 to 1999. Mr. DeFeudis graduated from University of New Hampshire in 1995 with a BA degree in Political Science.

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