A wild boar was shot an killed by authorities after it went on a rampage, the Associate Press reported. 

Four people were injured by the 265-pound wild boar, including one police officer, in a west suberb of Berlin, UPI said.

The boar was allegedly in a wooded area, where he first attacked an elderly man, biting the man numerous time on his back and legs, Germany's Berliner Morgenpost reported Tuesday.

The animal next went after a 74-year-old woman for its second victim. The woman fell on the pavement where she ulitimately sustained injuries to her hip. 

A younger woman, who the Associated Press reported to be 24-years-old, tried to distract the wild animal during its attack and then became its third victim. After being bitten on the leg, the young woman jumped on the hood of her car in order to avoid further injury from the animal, police said.

The rampaging boar scurried into the bushes before the police officers arrived. After the animal emerged from the brush and bit one of the police officers he was shot and killed.

It looked as if the wild boar had fractured its left front leg, after probably being hit by a motor vehicle, a spokesperson for the Berlin forestry service said. 

Some reports of the incident reveal that injured animals sometimes act aggressively towards other. Wild boars are normally regarded as a nuisance in Berlin for digging up gardens, not attack people.

It has been estimated that as many as 4,000 wild boars live in the forests of Berlin, UPI reported.