Wild Brush Energy Inc. is a diversified energy company. Trading on the Pink Sheets, their corporate goal is to identify and develop clean air energy producing alternatives. They are currently exploring green energy producing opportunities within North America and abroad. ild Brush Energy, Inc. has their headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The green energy producing opportunities the Company is exploring include large scale Commercial Wind Farms, Solar Energy Paneling prospects, and Small Scale Hydro Electric projects. Wild Brush Energy will primarily develop, build and finance different projects via their own expertise and that of their various future partners. The Company’s potential acquisition targets will depend on an analysis of the project’s current or potential cash flow in relation to current power purchase agreements, government support, infrastructure and technical expertise.

Wild Brush Energy, Inc.’s goal is to continually expand their yearly megawatt output of green energy derived electricity. All three renewable energy divisions of Wild Brush Energy will work in concert with one another where technical expertise overlaps, and separately as required. The three divisions of Wild Brush Energy are Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and Hydroelectric Energy.

The Wild Brush Solar Strategy involves using the latest manufacturing facilities and processing methods, which uses all types of silicon in order to reduce price. The Company will use robotics in the process, scale the production of silicon, and select only the highest quality silicon for use in production. The Company also intends on exploiting the latest techniques in cutting and polishing wafers.

For Wind Energy, Wild Brush Wind Energy will build and manage wind parks. They will also provide services including site selection, land rights acquisition, permit acquisition, environmental commodities, and environmental permitting; in addition to construction, power sales agreements, marketing, project financing, and engineering, design and procurement.

The Company’s core Hydroelectric Strategy is to locate and acquire economic and environmentally favorable hydro turbine sites for the deployment of Vertical Axis Hydro Turbine (VAHT) units. They will support the sale of turbines with turnkey installation and maintenance services providing developers with an end-to-end solution. The VAHT is a cross flow turbine. The direction of rotation is perpendicular to the direction of the flow of water. The technology captures up to 40 percent of the energy in moving water and with far less environmental impact than traditional hydroelectric technology.

Yesterday, Wild Brush Energy announced that they and Energoconsult Ltd. established a cooperative agreement. This agreement is towards the future development of a commercial scale Wind Farm. Energoconsult’s signing is essential for the assessment of crucial wind measurement data, site planning and analysis forecasts vital for maximum wind farm productivity. The Wild Brush Energy Wind Project in planning would optimally be around 120Mw in size. It would cost an estimated $270 million in development expenditures.

The Wind Park would supply upwards of 290,000 Mw of electricity yearly, upon completion. This is enough green energy to supply more than 40,000 homes with electricity. It will also offset close to 260,000 tons of Greenhouse gases.