A high acceleration in Android's growth with 500,000 devices being activated everyday, Android could rule the smartphone market after a couple of quarters. 

The growth rate is currently at 4.4 percent per week, that's around 20 per cent in one month, or 75 per cent over a quarter (13 weeks) and, if the growth rate continues, Android will reach the one million activations per day milestone in 16 weeks from now, towards the end of October.

In WWDC, Steve Jobs stated that Apple has sold out a total of 200 million iOS devices uptill now and it was selling more than 366,000 iOS devices per day.

Compared to Apple, Google’s growth rate (200 per cent every four months) is more than three times higher than Apple's iOS growth rate (60 per cent over the same period).

The market share values seen in the first quarter could change dramatically in the coming quarters.

In the first quarter, Android’s market share dropped from 52.4 percent to 49.5 percent, whereas Apple’s market share rose by 12.3 percent to 29.5 percent.

Apple beats Android when it comes to its app market selection. Android has 30,000 apps compared to Apple’s 100,000 app selection.

With the next generation iPhone on its way, Apple has planned to extend its range of carriers to dent Android’s market share.

Android on the other hand has more than 100 million Android devices running in 112 countries with 215 carriers and 36 manufacturers on its partner list.

Google's rise is bound to continue as the company brings together Honeycomb and Android with Chrome OS expected to be merged with Android down the line.