There have been rumors that a possible midrange smartphone will be launched along with the release of iPhone 5 in early October.

With respect to iPhone 5, there have been rampant rumors that the new handset from Apple will be make its debut in early October.

The launch rumor intensified on Wednesday when former U.S. vice president Al Gore, an Apple board member, dropped a clue about new iPhones coming in October.

The comments also add to speculation that the company would release two iPhones next month. One would reportedly be a completely redesigned iPhone 5, while the other would be a budget iPhone 4S that looks like the current iPhone 4.

The use of plural in Gore's comments rekindled rumors that Apple is planning to release a line of lower-cost iPhones to complement the iPhone 5 which will be done with an intention to combat the current midmarket Android devices.

If this rumor turns out to be true, it will be much possible that the cheaper iPhone armored with powerful hardware will be in a position of countering the Android devices which are at present inundating the market of low to mid price smartphones.

This will add to the expected rivalry of iPhone 5 against premium Android devices such as Samsung's Galaxy S II. This and the Apple product can possibly intensify the competition.

iPhone 5 is expected to run on the latest iOS 5, which will be coming with 200 new features including improved notifications system, news stand and iMessage. In addition to this, iPhone 5 is expected to feature the new iCloud service in operating iTunes for wireless remote access of music from all computers and mobile devices.

As of now, it appears that Apple will be making the move to deepen the competition with Android by means of an upgraded operating system, an enhanced hardware and a probable midrange device.