If Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) entered the high-definition television market, its product would represent a changed way of life and user experience than just improved hardware, venture capitalist Jason Stein has said.

“I want my television to be part of that Apple ecosystem: a thin glass hub integrating cable series, movies, endless utility and gaming apps, YouTube videos, music, photos, e-mails, FaceTime, social media feeds, and more,” Stein wrote for CNBC. “I want the TV to be my alarm clock, turning from Sleep mode to awaken me with sweet music, a weather report, and news.”

According to Stein, a television product was increasingly turning essential for Apple because of the absence of a positive catalyst for the stock over the last few months. “Given the beating Apple has taken lately — with many questioning its future — it’s important to understand how much television means to Apple,” he wrote.

Stein, who is also a founder at social media agency Laundry Service, noted that Apple generated $3.75 billion in software and services revenue last quarter. With a television screen to create apps for, developers working on iOS could help Apple change users’ relationship with the TV. “Apple is evolving into an ecosystem, a network that connects to and controls everything from your home to your car to your office. This has the potential to be as impactful as the iPhone and iPad,” Stein wrote.

According to Stein, the television advertising structure is also set to change over the next two to three years. It would possibly transition from “traditional media buying into a more programmatic ad network similar to the Internet,” he wrote. That would mean more targeted advertising that would possibly be tied into each user’s all Apple devices.

“So, if you own the Nike (NYSE:NKE) Running app, recently looked at running sneakers on Nike.com, and just Liked a Nike Running post on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), you’ll see Nike’s latest running-related TV spot and perhaps get a push notification about a pair of sneakers,” Stein wrote. “This advertising transformation can begin as soon as televisions run on iOS and [Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)] Android.”


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