This week, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is expected to do a little revamping that makes the social networking site more engaging not only for users, but for advertisers as well. In recent years, Facebook’s focus has been on developing and improving its apps, profile, and search. Yet, one of the most prominent features of the site is the news feed, which acts as the homepage and a continuous stream for content.

But the news feed hasn’t seen much drastic renovation since its introduction in 2006. That is set to change, finally. Facebook will soon make some big — literally big — changes to the feature in order to keep users engaged and scrolling down the site.

According to an anonymous source, Facebook will be creating a variety of news feeds that offer up different types of content — like a music feed that shows what friends are listening to and updates on users’ favorite artists, or a photo feed that shows new photos from friends. The formatting of the news feeds is also likely going to be larger in order to better capture users’ focus.

For advertisers, size matters. The larger format of the news feed would make it easier for advertisers to get their ads noticed and would offer a more appealing display, which could drive up the price advertisers are willing to pay for the ad space. If Facebook can get users to spend more time scrolling the pages of new news feeds while also displaying higher-value advertisements, the combination could drive up Facebook’s revenues and stock value.

The new feature will begin rolling out tomorrow, but may not happen in one swoop, in order to keep change-resistant users from throwing fits of rage all at the same time.

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