Google+ promises to bring the social to all things Google.  I, for one, will use it with caution.   

I once CCed 80 emails addresses that I was supposed to BCC.  I've sent out emails to the wrong groups, sent IMs to the wrong chat rooms, and sent the wrong link over Twitter.

I've also been on the receiving end of embarrassing materials that was obviously not meant for me (or anyone else for that matter).

The truth is that when you're multi-tasking and sending out tens of messages per day, you're bound to make some mistakes over the year.

These could be innocuous blunders like sending a link of an NBA basketball story to your grandmother.  Or, you could pull an Anthony Weiner.

Google+ is based around circles, or separate and distinct groups of friends and associates.  As such, Google+ users will likely wear different hats with different groups.  The risk, then, is compounded because users must send both the right materials and to the right group.

Contrastingly, Facebook and Twitter force their users to wear the same public hat for most of their postings (there are private messages, but they're not used as much).    

Google+ is also seeking to seamlessly integrate the social experience into web browsing. 

See a video on Youtube? Share it! Looking at a web page? Share it!  Eventually, it may become an automatic habit that shortens our thought process, whereas sharing content with Facebook and Twitter is still one-step removed. That one step could potentially be the pause you need to rethink decisions.

The mistake-inducing nature of Google+, of course, isn't reason enough to boycott it.  However, users should still establish good habits to avoid the pitfall of social networking e-blunders.