A report suggesting that Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio has been offered a role to play James Bond and the actor is “seriously considering” it, was slammed by the gossip debunking site Gossip Cop on Thursday. The news about “The Revenant” actor to be the next James Bond, replacing Daniel Craig, was reported by OK! magazine on Thursday.

The OK! Magazine led with the headline saying “Leo: The Next Bond!” and said, citing a source, that the discussion of DiCaprio as the next James Bond was “a topic of discussion at the Governors Ball following the Academy Awards, where a tipster heard Michael Keaton, who played Batman for Tim Burton, jokingly tell Leo he should do a superhero movie; and while the star demurred on donning a cape, he admitted he’s been offered the role of the next 007.”

The source went on to tell OK! magazine that the actor is “seriously considering it,” and that “the thought of all the cool gadgets, gunplay and chase scenes excites him, and at this point in his career, he’s ready to take a gamble.” The source also reportedly said: “The legendary Bond girls, of course, would just be the cherry on top.”

Gossip Cop cited a source close to DiCaprio to say that the report is “not true.” The report also reiterated that Craig has not yet confirmed if he would leave the franchise, despite of being signed up for another part of the franchise.

In an interview to TimeOut London last year, Craig was asked if he could imagine doing another Bond movie after “Spectre,” which was released last year. He replied to the question saying: “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists. No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on,” adding: “If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.” But despite the comment, Craig has not clarified whether he would stay or leave the franchise.

On being asked what advice he would give an actor who was to play the Bond movie next, he said: “I’d say two things. Firstly, it’s your decision. Don’t listen to anybody else. Well, do listen to everybody, but you have to make the choice at the end of the day. It’s your bed to lie on. And don’t be s***! Don’t be s***. You’ve got to step up. People do not make movies like this anymore. This is really rare now.”

Craig’s first James Bond movie was “Casino Royale” in 2006 after which he took up “Quantum of Solace” in 2008. After that, he was seen in “Skyfall” in 2012.