ABC’s daytime talk show “The View” has been going through major changes these past few months, but adding a male to the panel could be one of the biggest changes of all. Mario Cantone, the comedian who is arguably best known as Charlotte York’s pal from “Sex in the City,” could be the newest edition on the currently all female daytime show.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but TVGuide reported that Catone, who has been on "The View" numerous times, hosted the show during Joy Behar’s departure special, which is set to air on Aug. 9. Meredith Viera, who used to be featured on the show herself, said Catone could permanently replace Behar.

"If a man were to step in, it would be Mario," she told TVGuide. "He was a huge supporter of the show long ago when we were desperate for support. And he may have a vagina for all I know!"

Co-host Sherri Shepherd agreed, TV Guide reported, and she said: "He fits the bill of being bitchy and a woman!" Then she said, "Whoever takes Joy's place has to be completely fearless -- when I say fearless, I mean you cannot be afraid to speak up," Shepherd added. "They've got to be ballsy, they've got to be brassy, they've got to be funny and I don't know who fits that bill."

According to the news outlet, Jenny McCarthy was hired to replace a departing Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but it is still up in the air as to who will take Behar's and Barbara Walter’s seats on the show. Names like Brooke Shields, Ali Wentworth and Hota Kotb have been thrown around as possible fills.

Whoopi Goldberg and Shepard will be the only veteran “View” hosts to appear on the fall 2013 season of the show.

Cantone has not publicly commented on the rumor.