Although word hasn't been confirmed about the next version of Windows 8, rumors have it the operating system will be introduced late 2012. As PC and Mac users continue going back and forth over which is better, new OS interfaces become critical to how consumers evaluate their experiences.

The major feature to look out for is that Windows 8 is likely to support ARM microprocessors, a low-cost 32-bit computer processor architecture developed by ARM Holdings. Their processors are used in every form of consumer electronics-dating back to PDAs to current mobile phones and game consoles.

Other major features that are being added include a new file system and Windows Live ID changes. Protogon is said to be the file system for Windows 8, but there is still very little known about the details. Even in previews, it seems as though the look and feel of this upcoming OS is going through some huge revamping. Users may be greeted with a new login screen where they can make sketches on a picture as authentication.

Another major new component to this OS is the Windows Store. This will basically introduce users to a whole marketplace where they can buy and download applications.

This summer, Microsoft started up a YouTube blog called Building Windows 8. The series of first-look videos gives users a glimpse of new designs, functions, interfaces, and more. For now, there is still only hearsay and user predictions on the next Windows OS.