There's a lot of garbage in Williamsburg—and we're not talking about the art scene.

According to a recent study, Williamsburg and Greenpoint have the most garbage trucks roaming the neighborhood of any in New York City. The trash truck scourge is caused largely because 19 of New York City's 58 waste transfer stations that are located in the neighborhoods. That's 32 percent of all waste transfer stations in the city.

The report, cited in the New York Daily News, counted 363 trucks per hour at six major intersections across the neighborhood, which is up from 300 in 2004. The group conducting the study, Organizations United for Trash Reduction and Garbage Equity (OUTRAGE), criticizes the city's planning, saying that it is unfair for Greenpoint and Williamsburg to carry the burden of other neighborhood's trash.

You've got all this garbage that's got to go somewhere, and you had these private facilities that popped up overnight, Gavin Kearney, director of the environmental justice program at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest told the Daily News. The capacity is there, and it's cheap, so that's why people are taking their garbage there.