Willow Creek, www.willowcreekenterprisesinc.com – the precious and base metals exploration/developer with a current emphasis on North America and focus on Nevada, reported preparations to dispatch one of their top geologists to the Company’s Dolly Varden Gold & Copper Property in Nevada.

President of WLOCD, Terry Fields, explained that recent application for exploration permits prompted a demand for trenching across several fault zones in the northeast and drilling for gold and copper mineralization and that the Company is going to send one of its best geologists out to survey the proposed trenches/holes.

Fields noted that this event marks the start of the Company’s aggressive exploration plan for 2011 at Dolly Varden and that WLOCD is merely awaiting receipt of permits and suitable weather conditions before initiating an all-out assault on its exploration goals.

Fields expressed the high level of excitement at WLOCD over the potential of the Dolly Varden property and that the Company was also eagerly anticipating commencement of exploration at the Company’s other current Nevada concern, the Hercules property.

Current projections by WLCOD geologists, based on two decades of geological analysis, geophysical surveys and geochemical sample testing, indicate porphyry copper-gold mineralization at shallow depths.

With zero known drilling on the property to date and a clear porphyritic intrusive with branching Quartz-sericite and clay altered fault zones containing sporadic gold and copper (4.5 g/t Au, 2.5% copper according to previous sampling), the Dolly Varden Gold and Copper Property is a perfect example of why the Walker Lane Mineral Belt, where it is located, is so prestigious.

Consisting of some 1,040 acres the Dolly Varden has shown excellent initial data and looks to be an extremely positive addition to the Company’s portfolio:

• Sixteen samples assayed, of which nine showed high copper and gold content, with several also showing molybdenum, lead and zinc
• Gold and copper mineralization appears anomalous in roughly half the samples and the Company’s geologists believe there is significant copper-gold porphyry buried at a relatively shallow depth
• Eight samples indicated Au values ranging from 0.028 ppm to 1.51 ppm
• Four samples showed high copper concentrations ranging from 0.14% to 1.55%
• One sample contained a high quantity of silver (55 ppm), lead (13.5%) and zinc (6.2%)