Windows 10 is now running on devices in 192 countries. In less than a month, Microsoft has convinced people to install the new operating system on more than 75 million devices.

To celebrate nearly one month since Windows 10 launched, Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of the Windows and devices group, tweeted 10 facts about the new release. Mehdi said Microsoft has seen great success in upgrading older machines to Windows 10, with devices from as long ago as 2007 upgrading and more than 90,000 unique tablet or PC models running the update.

Mehdi also revealed 122 years of Xbox One footage has been streamed to Windows 10. Microsoft recently expanded this feature to support 1080p and 60fps, so gamers won't have to sit through another 122 years of less-than-perfect gameplay footage.



Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Windows 10 had been installed on 18 million devices. The news will be welcome to the company, which is aiming to have Windows 10 running on 1 billion devices. Mehdi also revealed the Windows Store for Windows 10 had six times more app downloads for every device than Windows 8, suggesting those who have upgraded are already more satisfied with the app ecosystem than before.

One question still lingers, however: Mehdi said Windows 10 has been installed in 192 countries. That's "virtually every" country, according to Mehdi, but with 193 member states in the United Nations, and several more non-U.N. countries depending on the definition used, which country (or countries) hasn't installed Windows 10?