Windows communications manager Brandon LeBlanc said that Microsoft has a healthy relationship with Antivirus Software saying Microsoft has been actively working with security partners to help them get their applications ready for Windows 7.

Three security developers have taken the build we released to developers in October and have developed solutions available today that work with Windows 7 Beta.

Three AV Software namely Kaspersky Lab, AVG Internet Security, and Symantec security have released versions of their upcoming Windows 7 software for public preview, in order to show the progress of their efforts and lure potential customers.

- Symantec released a 3.0 beta of the upcoming Norton 360.

- AVG released a full basic version of its AVG Anti-virus built around Microsoft's OS beta.

- Kaspersky is offering a technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Microsoft wants to reverse what happened with Windows Vista's release. When Vista was released, there was little antivirus software available, and what there was tended to be very poor.

While Microsoft wants to make its own antivirus software the best in the business, it's also very concerned with supporting third party software makers. Indeed, Microsoft does seem to be turning the corner on this issue, though, and convincing AV developers that Windows 7 is worthwhile.

Microsoft hopes that the release of Windows 7 will solve problems ranging from desktop clutter to what Vista did to Microsoft's public reputation. But the toughest challenge may be to win over the group of people that arguably represent the software giant's biggest obstacle to success the Windows XP users.