The new feature Windows To Go, available in Microsoft's recently unveiled Windows 8, will provide mobility to users since Windows 8 can boot from a USB key.

Iain McDonald, director of Program Management, Windows Core System, recently demonstrated Windows To Go. He pulled out the USB as Windows 8 was performing an operation. The running task stopped immediately. But it easily picked up where it l;eft off when the USB was removed.

This feature will give Windows 8 easy document compatibility. With this feature, Microsoft seems to be targeting Enterprise customers who may have several varied uses for portable versions of Windows.

IT professionals are likely to welcome the feature as it will help them boot a copy of Windows 8 extremely fast for diagnosing any existing problems on the local PC installation. Thue also will be able to power up a copy of Windows 8 on a client's PC with their own documents and workspace to securely and easily share any presentation or company data.

Certain situations are definitely kept in mind by Microsoft while adding the feature of Windows To Go. Images of Windows To Go can be given to contractors, who will be working on their own PCs. This will be opening a method for giving them access to the corporate networks with trust and confidence.

An organization where employees occasionally work from home can equip its staff with Windows To Go USB keys. The employees can use their home PCs to safely connect to their work environments.

Also, the technology will be useful to organizations where PCs are shared. Users can be given separate USB disks. This will help them access their own desktops and setups from any machine.